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South Carolina Criminal Process FAQs

Facing your first criminal charge brings with it confusion, fear and uncertainty. These feelings, along with unfamiliarity with the South Carolina criminal system, lead to numerous questions. Our hope is that we can address some of your immediate questions here. Should you need further answers or require additional help, we encourage you to call our Summerville-based criminal defense lawyer at (843) 261-7026 or to send our law firm an email for your free client-centered consultation.

Possession, Distributing, Trafficking Crystal Meth in SC

If you follow AMC’s fictional drama Breaking Bad, then you know how methamphetamine ruined the characters’ lives. And you don’t have to be a drug kingpin for methamphetamine to seriously damage yours. Not only does the production, use and distribution of meth put your freedom at risk, getting caught puts your employment, finances and good name in jeopardy.

And that’s no fiction.

Cocaine Possession SC

Possession of cocaine is a very serious criminal offense in South Carolina.

Whether you’ve only experimented with cocaine recreationally or are struggling with addiction, if you’ve been arrested with this controlled substance in your possession, your finances, career, reputation and freedom are seriously at risk.

And if you want a chance at protecting the life you’ve worked so hard to build, then you’re going to need the help of an experienced drug lawyer.

Summary of SC DUI Laws

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, if you’ve gotten behind the wheel after drinking even a little too much, it’s too late to change what happens once you see lights flashing in your rearview mirror.

Can I Get a Temporary or Restricted Driver's License After a DUI in SC?

Getting charged with a DUI is hard enough. Then the mounting stress associated with potential consequences, including fines and even jail time, doesn’t make it easier.

To top it all off, you need to figure out what to do now that your license been suspended.

How will you get to work? To and from the grocery store?

How Much are DUI Fines in SC

After a few drinks, you thought you were OK to drive home. That’s when the unexpected happens.

You’re pulled over for a DUI.

As the blue lights flash in your rearview mirror, all of the fun that led up to that moment is replaced with regret and consequences.

In South Carolina, a DUI arrest and conviction has several legal ramifications and can even have fines that put a major hit on your wallet.

How long is my Driver’s License suspended for a DUI Conviction in SC

Being convicted for a DUI can be an intimidating experience with an array of legal consequences -- one of which is the suspension of your SC driver's license.

In South Carolina, the suspension of your driver’s license will vary based on the number of DUI violations that have occurred within a 10-year period. Here's how it works: